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  • On time delivery of product.
  • Assured quality supplied.
  • Efficient after-sales service.
  • Simple and Low Cost .
  • Transparent dealing.
Products at a Glance :

Kirloskar Green Alternators

  • Compact Design.
  • Best in Class Efficiency.
  • Better Value for money.
  • Low vibration Levels.
  • Positive volatage built-up.
  • Special windings to reduce harmonics.
  • State of the art, compact & high performance AVR.
  • Epoxy gel coating to suit various environment conditions.

Kirloskar Green Canopy

  • Kirloskar Green Design.
  • Compact and aesthetically superior.
  • Fully meeting CPCB Norms of 75 dBA @ 1 Mtr.


  • State of art engine and genset monitoring and safety system.
  • Includes safety controls for low coolant level in radiator and high canopy temperature.

Standard Scope of Supply

  • Kirloskar diesal engine.
  • Kirloskar green Brushless alternators.
  • Formed base plate.
  • Powder coated sheet metal DG set control panel complete with 1 voltmeter with selector switch, 1 ammeter with selector switch, frequency meter, MCB (for below 45 kVA rating) or MCCB (45 kVA and above rating), wiring diagram pasted inside the panel.
  • Removablesheet metel fuel tank of capacity for 8hr running at 75% load complete with inlet spout strainer and fuel level indicator.
  • 12V Electrical system up to 125 kVA rating, 24V electrical system for higher kVA rating.
  • Automatic shut down incase of fault detection.
  • Kirloskar Green Silent Canopy.

Optional Peripherals

  • kWh meter.
  • DG set Controller.
  • Auto Mains Failure panel.
  • Cold Starting aid.